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Weight Loss Specialist

Ryan Dominguez, MD

Family Medicine Physician & Hormone Specialist located in San Diego, La Jolla, CA

G. Ryan Dominguez, MD is a board certified physician who specializes in helping his patients achieve their ultimate weight loss goals. He serves the residents of La Jolla and the greater San Diego, California area.

Weight Loss Q & A

What's the Best Way to Tone the Body After Weight Loss?

The most important thing to do post weight loss is to continue monitoring your eating habits and staying active. Keeping off the weight that you lost requires maintenance because it’s very easy to regain weight and slip into old habits if you lose focus. However, there are also many hard-to-reach areas on the body that are difficult to tone in the first place. These areas are the fatty deposits that create the curves that make many women look overly plump. Areas around the hips, upper and lower back, under the arms, the buttocks, and the thighs are commonly left unaffected by exercise. They are proving to be very beneficial in sculpting these problem areas and providing patients with a sleeker, more youthful looking appearance. These procedures work by targeting the fat deposits, destroying the fat cells, and removing them from the body.

How Is Preventive Weight Loss Beneficial?

Preventive weight loss allows a person to take control of their weight so they can prevent future health problems. Medically supervised weight loss plans can help a person lose weight in a safe and effective manner while keeping in mind health conditions that may already exist. By losing weight before serious problems arise, a person can stop their existing health conditions from worsening and prevent new health conditions from forming. Preventive weight loss helps a person establish healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Is Medically Supervised Weight Loss Better Than Losing Weight On Your Own?

Losing weight with a medically supervised weight loss plan can be much more efficient than trying to lose weight on your own. It can also be much safer. When a person makes the choice to lose weight, they often don't consider associated risks that come with weight loss. If they have any type of health condition, their body may react adversely to their weight loss attempts. With a medically supervised weight loss plan, a doctor is available to help plan every step of the process including the diet, exercise, and emotional support a person needs to make positive choices and lifelong changes that ensure safe and effective weight loss. It also provides the support a person needs to keep the weight off permanently.