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How To Pay & Manage Your Administrative Fee

(1) Go to our website 

(2) Click on the tab titled: "ADMIN FEE ENROLLMENT"  - located in the upper right-hand side. 

(3) Choose between the "FAMILY ADMIN FEE" or the "INDIVIDUAL ADMIN FEE"

(4) You will be directed to a platform called ChargeOver.  At the top of this page you'll see: "Hormonal Wellness of La Jolla, Inc." with a sub-title: "Subscription Information" 

(5) Enter your (a) email, (b) name, and (c) phone number in the box titled: "Your Information"

(6) Choose your payment method in the box titled "Payment Details"

     -A-  If you prefer the convenience of a credit card, there is a nominal processing fee: $8.73.  If you are paying the individual admin. fee, you can expect to pay $13.10 on top of the $450. 

     -B-  If you choose "Pay via ACH/eCheck", there will be an automatic withdrawal straight from your bank account.  There are no processing charges if you opt for this direct-draw option.

(7) Click the box in the lower right-hand side, titled: "More Options..."  and enter your address information.

(8) Click the big green box at the bottom titled: "Sign Up Now"

***Please note, that you are NOT LIMITED to paying either $300 or $450.  If you wish to contribute more than our minimal amount, by all means, show your gratitude! Dr. Dominguez will NOT complain! 

Please contact the office for any questions and we will gladly assist you. 

Help with managing your administrative fee If you are signing up for the 1st time: 

-Use the following link for a family membership: 


-Use the following link for an individual membership: 


If you are already signed up and you’d like to increase the amount you contribute per month, or change payment information 

Use the following link: 

If you don't have a password

Use the following link: 

*Once you’re there, you can click on the green button that says, “I'm new, let me in”. You will be walked through the password-reset process (e.g. you’ll enter your email address, get an email from Chargeover requesting you set a new password, and allow you to set a password).

Cat Dominguez, RN, MSN

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