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Getting your lab work/blood work

Our top GOAL is to have your lab results available at the time you come in for your physical (aka Complete Physical Exam, Annual Exam, etc.). We hope to share with you all that goes into making this happen, in hopes that you have patience and understanding when something doesn't go as planned.  We also believe that, if we can work as a team, we can meet our goal. 

  1. You make an appointment to see a provider
  2. Our staff notifies the provider of your upcoming visit.
  3. The provider decides which labs to order
  4. Our staff ensures your insurance company will cover it
  5. Our medical assistants place the provider's orders. The vast majority of the time, the MA will order it electronically.  On rare occasions, they will handwrite the order and give you a paper copy.  
  6. Our staff notifies you that your orders have been entered
  7. You go to the lab to have your blood drawn
  8. Days, to weeks, are required to process the blood work
  9. The results are faxed to us
  10. The provider is notified of the result's arrival

Please get your labs drawn, a minimum of 10 DAYS, prior to your appointment.

When you go to the lab you will NOT HAVE TO FAST, unless you are told otherwise.  We hope this allows you to get your blood drawn done at a time that is most convenient for you rather than first thing in the morning.  Note: New research has shown that performing NON-fasting routine labs will equally predict cholesterol values compared to fasting (1).

In the rare case in which your provider needs to order labs that ARE sensitive to fasting, you will need to abstain from food or drinks, for 8-10 hours, prior to your blood draw.  You may have as much water (only) as you want.  You may also have coffee/tea as long as there are no sweeteners or dairy/non-diary. 

Go to the most conveniently located Patient Service Center.  We order labs from Quest Diagnostics                                       -or-                                                                                                                      Labcorp



At the end of the day, we do our best to enter the proper codes, but ultimately, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to determine if your insurance company will pay for each, individual, lab test.  You can get a copy of your lab order on your patient portal , and call your insurance company ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

  1. Mora S, Chang CL, Moorthy MV, et al. Association of nonfasting vs fasting lipid levels with risk of major coronary events in the Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial–lipid lowering arm. JAMA Intern Med. 2019; 179(7): 898-905.

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